Acid Bolt A bolt of hissing acid is shot from the palm of the caster.
Boil Earth The ground beneath the target suddenly becomes molten.
Call Familiar The Call Familiar spell will summon forth a sprite to the caster. Elemental sprites are split into five elemental sub-types (air, earth, fire, water and lightning).
Call Wind This spell creates a vicious wind, erupting in the area, knocking down everyone but the caster. The violent, swirling wind will also cause all combatants to lose their positioning, which causes their stance to become less defensive.

Very effective at rendering a foe vulnerable to attack.
Cone of Lightning While Shock is quite powerful, it still is not a suitable defense against multiple opponents. Because of this, the Cone of Lightning spell was researched. It strikes as hard as a Shock, but the bolt arcs out in all directions and can hit many nearby targets.
Elemental Deflection Since it is not always possible to carry a shield, this self-cast spell can be a blessing. Elemental Deflection creates a shield made up of the caster's choice of element (air, earth, fire, water and lightning).
Elemental Wave This spell causes the mana in the area to "pulse" in a physical wave that may result in knocking down all characters and creatures in the area. With the increased power imparted into this wave from the additional mana expended it is possible that the wave will discharge some of the imbued energy into any object it encounters with potentially damaging consequences.

The wave moves outward from the caster and the caster has some limited control over the direction that the wave moves in.
Fire Ball A ball of pure fire is shot from the palm of the caster, exploding on impact.
Hands of Lilianna Named in honor of the Guardian with similar powers, the Hand of Lilianna spell harnesses the power of the element of air to steal the breath from its target, thereby stunning them! This spell is also useful to blow away clouds and clear clutter from the area.
Hurl Boulder A small boulder is shot from the palm of the caster to slam into an opponent with devastating force.
Ice Patch This spell allows a caster to create a large patch of slippery ice, covering much of the surrounding area. Characters and creatures trying to engage in melee or thrown weapon combat on the ice patch will find that they may slip either before or after an attack is made. Water increases how effective it is at making the opponent slip and fall, with possible damage.
Meteor Swarm Perhaps one of the most destructive spells known to spell users is Meteor Swarm. The caster throws his or her arms skyward while uttering the phrases of invocation. While this seems innocent at first, about 20 seconds later a devastating barrage of flaming meteors will begin to fall on the area inflicting terrible damage to anyone or anything unfortunate enough to be in the area. The meteors will continue to fall in a wide radius around the area for several minutes after the initial strike.

While this spell is much more effective outdoors, it may shake structures and injure those inside with falling debris.
Prismatic Guard This spell allows the caster to create multicolored rays that shoot out of their body and flow into a shimmering sphere around them. The colorful rays provide a barrier around the caster.

This spell is self-cast only.
Sandstorm Summoning a focused whirlwind around the target, the caster will create a sandstorm that will cause damage to the target.
Shock A bolt of lightning is shot from the palm of the caster.
Tremors Causes the earth in the area to begin shaking in a very earthquake, complete with aftershocks. Everyone in the area will stumble and most likely fall to the ground.
Water Ball A bolt of highly compressed water is shot from the palm of the caster.