November 30, 2012 !!!! Do you hear the bang bang clang of the hammers!! Palanestina is getting a face lift, well the outter shell, we still have to wait just a few to get some help on the inner, but that is forth coming as the new year rounds. However, we do hope you enjoy the new layout for the front page on With this news, we also inform you that THIS page will be leaving. You will have to enter the chat through the new frontpage of We find it easier this way along with advertising both chats. This page, will be used simply to put up the backstory and news of what is happening in Palanestina. These changes will start taking place next month as we iron on the details and look of the chat. Also, if you had a Toon on the roster and you find you can't find it, they have been deleted. I do apologize if any ones toon that is active got deleted. I was hoping only to get those I haven't seen in years, but mistakes happen. As the new year comes about we also have challenges for everyone. These challenges will allow you to win items such as good or abilities within the chat itself. Stay tuned for that!!!

Thank you to handler of Linden for creating a Wikia page for our users here in Palanestina. If you have not taken a look at it, HURRY and click the link. Not only that, add your character and information to continue making the page look so great! Again Thank you to everyone that's contributed. Wikia Page

Palanestina is constantly being changed and worked on so please, if there are any questions feel free to ask.

Queen Atara