The Kingdom of Palanestina was once known as the Land of Ostar. A land governed by a knight named Lord Victor Garrath and his wife Victoria. Garrath watched over and protected the land in the name of the King, Reginald Squire as the lands were torn into a great war of swords and black magic; in which each day the young knight began to loose more and more ground and to the armies of Morick, a warlock, powerful in the dark arts. As battles wore on, Victoria called upon the help of another powerful warlock to protect she and her husband against Morick, in returned she promised the life of their first born. The two powerful men battle, but Morick was defeated and Ostar was left in peace, the war ending. A time of peace and restoration began, and many years would pass before Victoria became pregnant and the warlock returned to remind her of her debt. Fearing her only child would be taken, and her family destroyed, Victoria searched out the wisdom of Vala. A woman known far and wide as a powerful Mystic and weider of the arcadine. Vala told Victoria that her pursurer was too powerful for even she to face and would never leave the family in peace, their only hope was to enlist the help of six other mystics to hide their great land. Victor sent off to speak to the mystics, explaining their peril. In return, for their services the mystics demanded they be given a piece of land as their own. Reluctantly, Victor agreed, he had no other choice if he was to have his family protected. Vala and the other mystics returned with Victor to Ostar, each setting themselves on a vidal part of the land, East, West, South, North, Southweast, Southwest and the center. Each focusing their energy and lifting the massive area into the sky, this of course left a gigantic crator in it's wake which filled as the years passed with rain water creating the massive lake Narsel. Vala advised the family to spread the rumor that Ostar had been wiped out by a passing wizard named Zador who in his insanity no longer remembered the days events as they passed by and took created for things that infact he knew nothing about. The land of Ostar was forgotten, and rumors of a floating land began, the people soon naming this mysterious sighting the land of Palanestina.

Believing the land Ostar was destroyed by Zador, the warlock that Victoria had made her debt with sought Zador out over the lands and began yet another war of magic. Zador was indeed old and insane, knowing not that he had been set up to take the blame for a lands destruction answered the young warlock. Zador was defeated, but left in his wake a daugther named Trina who was a powerful sorceror herself. Hearing of her fathers defeat, she set out for the young warlock, who was already weak from his battle with Zador and defeated by her hands. With his last breaths, he explained his reasons for the war and Trina began to search her fathers scribing for this land of Ostar. Finding nothing about this land in her fathers journals or a reason to take it, she sought out the true destroyer of this land and the one responsible for her fathers death. Years would pass by, and the young son of Victor and Victoria became a man, bored with the floating land that was his home, he demanded his mother allow them to land, and search the World below. The Mystics begged Victoria to reconsider, but she wished only to please her son and demanded they dock their lands so her son could venture out to a near Kingdom, hoping he would be able to find a bride. The young son soon set out in excitement wishing to do all that his father had done before him, coming to a Kingdom and annoucing himself as the son of Victor and Victoria of Palanestina. Word soon spread of the visiting royality and many came from far and wide to see him. The boy became popular and began to boost of his deeds and the lands of Palanestina, it's history and the riches found apon the lands. Soon Palanestina was sought after by adventurers, bandits, and even more so, those of magic wishing to seek the secrets of this mysterious floating land and it's powerful Mystic. News too made it's way to Trina, who hearing the history of these lands, soon put the two together. This mysterious land was indeed the lost lands of Ostar. Trina came to the Kingdom the young son was staying and took him, destroying the Kingdom in her wake and taking the son back to Palanestina. Confronting Victor and Victoria, she killed the old Knight and began to do so with Victoria who threw herself before Trina and told her that it was all Vala's idea to fool the warlock and say it was indeed Zador who had destroyed their home. Disgusted at the womans quick betrayal to the ones that had saved her life and that of her son, she devoured Victoria for her youth, then transformed her young son into a golem, placing him within the caves to the East. One by one she took the Mystics, transforming them into structures at each of the vidal points upon the land, using their magics to keep the land afloat and imprisoned Vala. But even by doing this, the lands magic would fade and would soon crash down to the lands once again. Trina knew this was true and made plans to find a alternative source of magic to keep Palanestina as it was when the time came. With malice, she turned Vala to stone and set her erected within the center of the lands and began her rule over Palanestina.

Hundreds of years passed, which Trina used the mystical castle to travel to far and distance lands she would have otherwised never been able to access. Taking knowledge and treasures as she pleased and leaving choas in her wake. The legend of Palanestina grew, with many adventures now looking to score stolen treaures and lost knowledge. The key however, was to escape the wrath of Trina, which no one that had taken the challenge returning to tell his tale. It was around this time that Trina heard of the Eberron War. Elves were battling waves of darkness to keep their lands and many had been already scattered to the wind. Watching the choas for amusement, she came across the surviving moonelves of Kilmarth. The elves had been pushed up into the mountains and no where to run with orcs coming in for the kill. An explanation for Trina's actions have never come easily, but it was the sorceroress' army that destroyed the orc army and bought Palanestina down to secure the survivors. Larena, the surviving Elder threw pride to the wind and begged for sanuctary upon the land. Trina agreed and gave them the lands to the west, in exchange for Larena services and magical knowledge.

Three hundred years passed, before word of Cictus, Trina's only son was slain while trying to defeat a family to the East. He had fallen in love with a half dragon and tried to steal her from her husband, resulting in the family destroying him and his kingdom. Furious, Trina set her Kingdom to Enchantia but soon found that the inhabitants of Enchantia were much more a force to deal with. Finding that she could take much from this Kingdom besides revenge. Preying down upon the inhabitants that felt unwanted or depressed, she soon became a massive imposing force that continued to loom danger over the McCloud family's head. Not only that, but she soon took in two of their own, Marcia and Jessamine. In hopes of gaining their family back, elder family members sought out Trina to offer deals, unfortunately sinking in deeper to her ploys and yet at the same time; stopping Trina in her tracks in destroying their home. Now within at truce, Trina sought out new ways to further her development in the dark arts. Finding a demi God within the Lost Realms, she took him as mate and perpare to create a new powerful family to take over her reign. In light of this, she came to realize the power she could gain by encountering Lilith, Queen of the Underworld. Plotting her decent, Trina fought with Tanya DuNord, taking them both down to the depths of Hell leaving Palanestina in the hands of Marcia and Jessamine. Under the two Dragoness, Palanestina's reputation and existence began to change as the gates are now open to all. When will Trina return, many say she already has, for lights have been seen with in her Citadel.