Rules / Laws
Currently all the rules are still in the process of being perfected for the chatting area‘s. All rules currently apply for all rooms for the Ophidian Realm. Shortly I will be advancing the rules for certain rooms, but until then these are the rules for every room. Obey the rules or suffer the consequences. All rules are subject to change.

Rule #1 : Age Requirement
You must be 18 years or older to join this chat. This site will not be held responsible for underage chatters. Anyone underage found in the chat that doesn't have the expressed permission of the ruler will be banned immediately.

Rule #2 : Behavior
Cursing is not forbidden, but is also not welcome. So please, keep it to a minimum and be respectful. Use of an offensive Handle is not allowed. Discussing obscene topics or harassing others in a public room is prohibited. Abuse of HTML or any malicious hacking that makes it difficult to read the screen, is prohibited. If you are being rude to other chatters, you may find yourself kicked out of the room or banned from the site completely. We have the ability to ban entire networks or service providers, don't spoil it for yourself or others.

Rule #3 : Harrassment
Harassment will not be tolerated. Respect must be given to each person in the chat, regardless of rank or title, includes impersonation of other users will not be tolerated.

Rule #4 : Fighting
This is a system of free forum fighting. Each room has rules to it as to whether or not battles can be held in it.

Rule #5 : Marriage
Before consideration of marriage, courtship must take place for 2 months RT, must be taken to the High Priestess, and then to complete a quest to prove the willingness of bonding.

Rule #6 : Pregnancy
Pregnancy can only be considered after 2 RT months of approved marriage. Even then, it too must be taken in front of the High Priestess and Council. Once approved, the pregnancy will last 4 RT months. When it is time, the Oracle will over see the pregnancy. Sorry it takes so long but we don't want a pregnant one day and then baby the next.

Rule #7 : Images
Images that are of adult content maybe used only if the private area's are covered.
Picture limitations are 300x300 (300 width by 300 height) and 30k bytes.
Entrance/Exit/Change Room Banners limitations are 400x200 (400 width by 200 height) and 25k bytes.
All pornographic pictures are PROHIBITED. Posting adult or pornographic pictures in a public room is strictly prohibited.

Rule #8 : Soliciting
Advertisement of products, pornographic material or any unauthorized sites is prohibited.

Rule #9 : Other
This is mostly a fantasy RP area, werewolves, vampire, elves, pixies, etc. And mostly medieval, but the Ophids is not with out technology, there are guns bombs, etc, but they are almost never seen or used, but will be allowed in moderation. So you can have a gun, but please don't pull up to a castle in a star destroyer... Thank you. Enjoy yourself here, but respect the rights of others.

Crime & Punishment [ic & ooc]
    A. Crime
      1. Attack upon any fellow member of the Ophidian Realm.
      2. Any direct breach of the oath preformed by the Queen.
      3. Disloyalty, disrespect, or insurrection against the name or principles of the Queen or her council.
      4. Harassment of fellow members shall not be tolerated.
      5. Abuse of power or duties that may cause harm to the members or reputation of the Ophidian Realm. (Including improper behavior in the public area’s)
      6. Distribution of sensitive materials (any information on the situations within the kingdoms) to unauthorized persons (nonmembers of the Ophidian Realm)
      7. Conspiracy to commit a crime against the Ophids, its members, or its allies.
      8. Physically or mentally harming the Ophidian Realm, its members, or its allies in any way.
      9. OOC abuse or harassment of members or the Ophids as a whole.
    B. Punishment
      1. Judgment and penalty shall be decided by either the Ophids Hierarchy or the Judicial Council as the situation warrants and in accordance to this document.
      2. In all matters of punishment and judgment, the Judicial Council has final say.
      3. Punishment can range from warning to public sanction to probation to dishonorable dismissal from our Realm, even to Death. Other punishments may be imposed as deemed fit by the Judicial Council, provided the punishments do not commit crimes within themselves.
      4. OOC crimes may result in IC punishments. We're aware it is blurring, but there's not much we can do to you as a player aside affecting your character and thus your position in the game. OOC crimes, if severe enough, can also result in a permanent removal from the role-playing realm as a player under any character.