- - Guilds of the Ophids - -

General of the Assassin Guild

Arashi Hikage

Colonel of the Assassins Guild

Lily Hunter-Collins

Captain of the Assassins Guild

General of the Merchants Guild

Lorily Mond

Colonel of the Merchants Guild

Tarya Garamonde

Captain of the Merchants Guild

General of the Mercenaries Guild

Luna Tonar

Colonel of the Mercenaries Guild

Serium Faust

Captain of the Mercenaries Guild

General of the Rangers Guild

Murasaki Yosei-Faust

Colonel of the Rangers Guild

R.C. Collins

Captain of the Rangers Guild

General of the Samurai Guild

Akaimegami Hikage

Colonel of the Samurai Guild

Kuramasa Matsukawa

Captain of the Samurai Guild

General of the Thieves Guild

Thoron Faust

Colonel of the Thieves Guild

Thia Wong- DeAlkirk

Captain of the Thieves Guild